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ScoutMe is a one of a kind, football scouting platform, which will soon upgrade to multi sport disciplines. With the digital media taking over printing press, it's important for multi sport disciplines to upgrade to digital platforms.

With our unique as well as exhaustive system of rating players, a scout can create, edit, organise, and consult the data at any moment, any time and in any medium (computer, tablet or smartphone). This data may be accessed by the technical director or the head scout as and when there arises a need to do so.

ScoutMe is built with the aim to make scouting an easier and a more transparent process. It can be used by clubs to scout players and store data in their database, allowing them to access these records whenever necessary.

ScoutMe aims to help clubs look for raw talent from every corner of India, and help develop them into successful players.


Bhaichung Bhutia

Former Captain of the Indian National Football Team
MD, Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools

Scout Me brings a much needed, well worked, well designed platform to the sport of football.

The parameters set for scouting and evaluations on Scout Me are age-group appropriate, as they should be, hence making them relevant. It's an excellent tool to keep track of the overall holistic development of every single player at Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools, which in turn helps our technical lead team and coaches to plan better sessions for the future. Scout Me offers the option to export player reports in a neat and defined format, something our coaches have found extremely effective when sharing information with other coaches or parents of the players.

There is tremendous scope for State Football Associations and the National Football Federation to use Scout Me as a tool to help find talent through their networks. My hope is that more and more coaches and scouts all across the country start using Scout Me to help push talent up from the grassroots and provide these players with a much needed opportunity.

Dipankur Sharma

Head Coach, Under 14 Age-group
Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools

“Scout me” is a website which provides a great platform to all coaches and parents to evaluate their players. Their evaluation criteria changes depending on the age of the player. This helps the coaches know what qualities to expect at different age groups.

The website has a very neat interface with all the important information readily available. The evaluations also has a comments section which enables the coach to have a personal interaction with his players along with the marking system.

In the end, I would like to state that “Scout me” has made our scouting and player evaluation work easy and efficient. I would recommend it to all coaches and parents.

SCOUTME is completely Free

Focused to develop raw talent of India