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Browse Players

Find players with the skills you are looking for (gender, specific skills, playing positions, age etc.).

Performance Reports

Track the performance of players during games or practices and get an extended grasp of the player's performance.

Player Profiles

Safeguard all relevant information about your players in one place only, accessible from anywhere with Internet access.

Profile Assessment

Complete player profiles and assessments of their skills (technical, tactical, physical and mental / psychological)

Collaborative Work

Work as a team to get different assessment perspectives that will help you understand the player’s potential.

Access Level

Set different level access and ensure that all sensitive information is only accessible to people of your trust.

Data Encryption

All data entered and transmitted via ScoutMe is encrypted with SSL protocol provided by COMODO.

Evaluation Models

Pre defined evaluation models for different types of positions and age groups, ensuring fine-tuning of all assessments carried out by your team.

Export Reports to PDF

Export, without any effort, the result of your assessment and analysis to PDF and share it with your clients and collaborators.

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